Engin Aybulut


Engin is a recent addition to the Sands’ team, starting in late May of 2014. He graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Comm.) degree in 2010, majoring in Accounting, with a minor in Law. Other disciplines that appealed to him include Finance and Psychology. He has a background in information technology, over 3 years of estimating and 15 years of installation experience. He gained exposure to the flooring industry through his father, who is a flooring installer and taught him most of what he knows about flooring installations. He started off as an assistant installer and eventually moved into the corporate side of the business as an estimator upon completing his undergraduate degree. With his hands on knowledge and accounting background, estimating appealed to him as it relates to the mathematical side of his studies and incorporates what he has physically done most of his life. Among his responsibilities is to obtain drawings and specifications, provide material estimates, details and other information for the sales team, and clarify and address any issues found.

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