Sands Commercial Terrazzo Flooring

Commercial Terrazzo Flooring

Commercial Terrazzo flooring is an excellent choice for commercial spaces that require a unique design, with virtually unlimited custom pattern and color combinations. By nature, it not only greatly reduces maintenance and repair time, but it is also resistant to stains and easy to clean; outlasting and exceeding performance over many other flooring product options. Design flexibility, green-friendliness, durability in high-traffic areas, and low maintenance all make Terrazzo flooring a great option for your commercial space. On top of all that, there are virtually no limitations when it comes to design options and styles.

Why Terrazzo?

  • Unmatched Durability
  • Easy Maintenance & Care
  • Green-Friendly Materials
  • Design Flexibility & Endless Options

When it comes to green-friendly flooring, nothing compares to terrazzo. Commercial terrazzo floors are created using various raw materials (including granite, marble, glass, and quartz) combined with a binding material and cured. The Terrazzo is then ground and polished to ensure consistency in style and texture throughout. Many of the materials used in their creation are recycled or reclaimed for other sources, making them a green-friendly flooring option as well, with various benefits to the environment.

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Commercial Floor Cleaning & Floor Maintenance

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