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Cork is a durable, versatile, economical, and green-friendly flooring option that has become increasingly popular in commercial applications. It’s sustainable, easy to install, maintain, and widely praised as one of the most eco-friendly building materials in existence. Made from the bark of oak trees, our cork floors are available in a wide range of shades, colours, and textures.

Commercial cork flooring produces a comfortable & safe surface with a wide range of applications. It also works as a natural insulation which can help reduce your overall heating costs.. Their green friendly production process makes cork floors an excellent option for the environmentally conscious; cork is a natural, sustainable material that is also biodegradable.

Installation of a commercial cork floor is a relatively easy task, and maintenance (when installed correctly) can be a breeze. With regular sweeping, vacuuming, and a customized professional product care plan, commercial cork flooring products offer excellent value for any office space.

  • Torlys
  • Capri Cork

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Commercial Floor Cleaning & Floor Maintenance

We offer stand-alone commercial carpet & hard surface cleaning options to suit your space. Our certified product care experts can customize a plan for your new or existing commercial floors.