Commercial Broadloom

Commercial Broadloom Carpet

Commercial broadloom carpet is typically used as a wall-to-wall floor covering. Woven on a very wide loom, broadloom carpeting has a very distinct advantage in large office spaces and rooms due to the fact that it allows for seamless installation. Broadloom styles and designs include a wide range of options; from a variety of colours, to very precise and unique pattern options, as well as varying height and thickness. Typically laid over carpet pad for insulation purposes and under-foot comfort, broadloom carpeting is ten nailed in place with carpet tacks or staples once it has been cut to size to keep it in place and prevent shifting. When professionally installed, commercial broadloom helps to insulate your entire floor in one seamless setup.

From classic styles to contemporary designs, we offer a range of commercial carpeting products to suit any interior space and budget. Our broadloom carpets of varying sizes are supplied only by our most trusted suppliers, with seamless installation by our certified professionals. Get in touch now to find out if commercial broadloom carpet is right for your office space, and to learn more about our broadloom carpet options.

  • Kraus Carpet Mills
  • Mohawk
  • Lee's
  • Mannington
  • Milliken
  • Patcraft
  • Shaw Contract Group
  • Tandus
  • J + J Flooring
  • Interface
  • Bolyu

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